Les vacances: how to ask questions.

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Reminder on questions.

There are two ways of asking questions in French,

1 using an inversion.

  1. Es-tu allé(e) à l’étranger? Did you go abroad? 
  2. Qui a gardé tes chats? Who looked after your cats?
  3. Et ta soeur? où est-elle allée en vacances? And your sister? Where did she go on holidays?
  4. Etes-vous souvent allés à la plage? Did you often go to the beach?
  5. Avez-vous trouvé des beaux souvenirs? Did you find nice souvenirs?

2 with ‘est-ce que’  Most of my students like to use ‘est-ce que’ , they find it more simple. However bear in mind that the est-ce que construction can sound a bit long-winded in written French. 

L’avantage d’utiliser le ‘est-ce que’ c’est que la forme verbale n’est pas inversée et peut-être vous trouvez cela plus facile.

  1. Où est-ce que tu es allé(e) en vacances? Where did you go on holidays?
  2. Pourquoi est-ce que tu n’as pas acheté des bracelets en coquillages? Why didn’t you buy bracelets made of shells?
  3. Quand est-ce que tu es revenu(e) d’Italie? When did you come back from Italy?
  4. Est-ce qu’il a fait beau?  Was the weather nice?


Your task: votre devoir

Answer those questions and send the answers at the following address: easypizy7@yahoo.com. I will correct them and send them back to your email address.


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