Using the conditional tense in French





It’s an easy tense if you know the future tense. The future tense is fairly straightforward. You start with the ‘infinitif’ i.e. raconter = to tell (a story) and you add the endings that happen to be similar to the verb avoir in the present tense.

Je raconter + ai

Tu raconter + as

Il/elle/on raconter + a

For the nous and vous, we get rid of the ‘av’ of avons and avez:

Nous raconter + ons

Vous raconter + ez

Ils/elles raconter + ont

Have a go! Transform the verbs in brackets in the future tense in the following message.

Coucou Martina,

J’ai trop aimé mon séjour à Bordeaux. Je (retourner) voir cette belle ville, je me (promener) le long des quais de la Garonne, je (photographier) encore ces mouettes toujours affamées.

2 – Traduisez le paragraphe en Anglais.

Je vous donnerai les réponses demain.


One thought on “Using the conditional tense in French

  1. Comme promis, voici la correction.I really enjoyed my time in Bordeaux.I will return to visit this beautiful town.( je retournerai). I will walk along the quays of the Garonne, ( Je me promenerai ) I will take photos of those seagulls that are always hungry! (je prendrai des photos).

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