En vacances…On holidays…

Tell us about your holidays!

Raconte-nous tes vacances!

To answer this question and score the highest mark, you need to know

  1. the vocabulary of ‘the holidays’ topic. This is pretty easy!
  2. the vocabulary of  the ‘travelling’ topic. Easy
  3. the vocabulary of the ‘places to stay’ topic Easy
  4. the vocabulary of the things to do and hobbies Easy
  5. grammar wise, you must know the ‘past perfect’ and your most common irregular avoir and être verbs. This is more advanced! You may need to use the ‘imparfait’! This is more advanced too!
  6. the usual time markers and links Easy
  7. add adjectives where needed! Intermediate

I’m going to give you lots of examples. If you have any questions let me know on the comment form.

1 Nous sommes allés à Carcassonne We went to to Carcassonne

2 Dimanche dernier, nous sommes allés chercher Camille dans un gite à Camon. Last Sunday, we went to pick up Camille at a gite in Camon

3 Ensuite, nous sommes descendus à Valras Plage. Then we drove down to Valras plage. Nous avons installé la caravane dans un endroit à l’ombre! We installed the caravan in the shade.

4 Lundi après-midi, nous avons fait une ballade à cheval tout près du camping. On monday afternoon, we went horse-riding very near the campsite.

5 My horse kept stopping to eat grass. Mon cheval n’arrêtait pas de s’arrêter pour manger de l’herbe!

6 Mardi soir, on a cherché un restaurant et on a mangé des fruits de mer . Tuesday evening, we looked for a restaurant and we had some seafood.

7 Nos crevettes étaient délicieuses et fraiches. Our king prawns were delicious and fresh.

8 Le mercredi matin, on a déposé Cam à l’aéroport de Béziers On Wednesday morning, we dropped Cam at Béziers airport.

9 Le temps est passé tellement vite! Time’s gone so fast!

10 Le lendemain, nous sommes retournés à l’aéroport de Béziers car Imogen est venue passer 6 jours avec nous. On the following day, we returned to Béziers airport because Imogen came to stay 6 days with us.

Your turn. Write a few sentences about your holidays!

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