Bonnes vacances? The answers!

Yesterday we explored the topic of holidays, tourists visiting the town of Bordeaux in Aquitaine. As promised, I’m posting the translation into English of this conversation. Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

A We’ve had a very good week

B What did you do?

C We parked the caravane in the Camping du lac; this campsite is very agreeable, it’s reasonable (price wise) and clean

D There is a grocer’s, a restaurant and three lakes.

E How did you visit Bordeaux?

E We took the bus number 73 that dropped us at the trams and then we got off Place des Quinconces. (une place = a square)

F Then we went for a stroll along the quays and a ride on a boat up to Les hangars. The ticket for the bus, the tram and the boat ride costs 4, 60 Euros for the day.

G Was it busy?

H Yes because it’s Bordeaux and therefore there are lots of tourists. Moreover, there was an attraction, a Russian sailing boat that one could visit!


Souvenirs de Paris


How to describe your childhood memories – Décrire vos souvenirs d’enfance!

Je me rappelle: I remember

Je ne me rappelle plus de grand chose! I can’t remember much!

Quand j’étais jeune: when I was young

Quand nous étions enfants: when we were children

Note that you will use the ‘imperfect tense’ to describe the events that ‘used to’ happen.

Mon frère faisait beaucoup de bêtises

My brother used to do stupid things.

Maman le grondait souvent.

Mum used to tell him off often.

Nous allions souvent à Paris voir mon oncle André.

We used to go to Paris to see my uncle André.

On allait se promener le long de la Seine.

We used to go for a walk by the Seine

Je me rappelle qu’il s’arrêtait pour discuter un brin avec les bouquinistes.

I remember he used to stop and have a small chat with the second-hand booksellers.







En ville

Voici un bon site pour apprendre à se repérer dans une ville. Cliquez ici

Pardon monsieur, pour aller à la poste s’il vous plait? Excuse me sir, what’s the way to the post office please?

Continuez tout droit, puis prenez la première rue à gauche. Keep on straight on then take the first street on the left.

C’est à côté de la mairie. It’s next to the town hall.

Je cherche la rue Victor Hugo I’m looking for Victor Hugo Street.

Pardon Madame, est-ce qu’il y a une pharmacie dans le quartier? Excuse me is there a chemist in the neighbourhood?

Oui, au rond-point, prenez la première rue et ensuite tournez à droite, la pharmacie est derrière le supermarché. Yes, at the roundabout, take the first street and then turn on the right, the chemist is behind the supermarket.