Cocottes en papier

Cette chanson de Carlos fait toujours sourire!

This song interpreted by Carlos will always make you smile!

Elle est très facile à comprendre: it is very easy to undersant.

Un employé de bureau s’ennuie et en fabriquand une cocotte en papier, il s’envole dans un pays exotique. An office worker gets bored and by making a paper chicken/hen , he flies to an exotic country.

Quand on se retrouve dans son bureau
Qu’il faut que l’on bosse comme un idiot
Mon cher Duperron
Y’a qu’une solution
Mon cher Duplantin
Ecoutez-moi bien
Prenez une feuille 21 27
Pliez comme moi, suivez ma recette
Déjà tout petit
J’étais le génie
Le prodige des cocottes en papier

Cocotte en papier
Tu fais voyager
Nos cœurs qui s’ennuient
Nos cœurs déchirés
Je suis ton G.M
Tu es ma G.O
C’est presqu’aussi bien  que chez Trigano.
Cocotte en papier, tu fais voyager
Nos coeurs qui s’ennuient, nos cœurs déchirés
Je suis ton G.M, tu es ma G.O,
C’est presque aussi bien que chez Trigano.

On plaque le sol et c’est magnifique,
Voila qu’on survole le Sud Pacifique,
Mon cher Dupéron, voici les lagons,
Mon cher Duplantin, voici les requins.
Vahi-vahinée, Tahi-Tahiti.
On fait des pieds d’nez? nos p’tits soucis.
Y’a plus de patrons,
Y’a plus de poltrons,
On quitte sa peau,
On est les plus beaux.


Les grands de ce monde n’ont pas mon pouvoir.
En quelques secondes, vous allez voir.
Mon cher Dupéron, on est sur Pluton,
Mon cher Duplantin, on est des Martiens.
Sur la voie lactée, on fait du vélo,
Sur les mers lunaires, du pédalo.
On est cosmonaute,
On est magicien,
On est quelqu’un d’autre et on est quelqu’un



In the French classroom: schemes of work and grammar

It is difficult to maintain a well-balanced and exciting scheme of work not only in languages but in all subjects. Not the least because a scheme of work is a ‘living’ thing. You want it to be a tool to guide your colleagues so it has to be fairly attractive and easy to use with files to match. Also it has to be differentiated and it should include SEN and Gifted and Talented files as well. Did i say files to match?

The schools financially secure allow their heads of languages to use the e-products matching the GCSE and A-level  courses. The others wait for teachers to drop what they prepare in the Shared Area, a difficult task that requires the Head of Department or a Second in charge to check them and advertise them. It is difficult to manage because as you know, the Head of Department has other responsibilities. One of the beauty of the teaching profession is its creativity. Nobody wants to teach a lesson using standard files that somebody else created five years ago so all responsible teachers will spend invariably a huge amount of time designing their ‘own’ files. The schemes of work are then neglected, only reviewed when in the worst scenario, management declare that the drop in the grades mean that there is a flaw somewhere.

Improving the scheme of work sessions can lead to controversy. One trend is the yes or no to grammar, again! This time, some departments decide that they will not teach formally KS3, the plural form of verbs!  The excuses they give are ridiculous, 1- year 7 cannot cope with the pressure 2- they are too difficult to remember  3- it’s too hard. So figure out a cohort of year 10 that cannot conjugate a regular verb. Fortunately, wise and strong head of departments will lead their colleagues and insist that verb endings are learnt in the younger years. Fair enough it takes a bit of time and it is part of homework routine but the result is worth it! You know where I stand, what do you think? Teach verbs from the Je to the ils or not?

Here is a powerpoint I added this morning in my TES shop, free for you to download.

Histoires drôles et courtes

Les faux-amis

Words that appear to be the same in French and in English but have a different meaning.

achever does not mean to achieve but to complete

actuellement does not mean actually but at the moment, currently

affluence does not mean affluence (richesse) but crowds (of people)

ancien does not mean ancient but former

avertissement does not mean advertisement but warning

Nous achevons nos vacances en Vendée en passant quelques heures à visiter Civray.IMG_20150413_115956738_HDR IMG_20150413_144705202_HDR

Le langage du football

le but = the goal

tirer un but = to score a goal


l’équipe anglaise a bien joué = the English team played well

l’équipe française a mal joué = the French team played poorly

mais ils ont gagné = but they won

gagner = to win

perdre le match = to lose the match

la victoire de l’équipe = team’s victory