Les adjectifs -position

Most adjectives are placed after the nouns they modify.

1 – However some are placed before the noun. To remember them, use the acronym BAGS, beauty, age, good and bad, size.


une belle fille, un beau chat,


un vieux chien, mon vieil ami, ma vieille voiture

Good and bad

un gentil garçon, une mauvaise idée,


un petit aéroport, une grande maison, une petite gare

2 – The position of the adjective also depends on its meaning. If the meaning is literal, it goes after the noun. If it is figurative, it goes before the noun

un triste individu = a sinister person

un individu triste = a sad person



Le langage du football

le but = the goal

tirer un but = to score a goal


l’équipe anglaise a bien joué = the English team played well

l’équipe française a mal joué = the French team played poorly

mais ils ont gagné = but they won

gagner = to win

perdre le match = to lose the match

la victoire de l’équipe = team’s victory

Les métiers


As in English, some job nouns change to show the gender of the person doing them
un serveur = a waiter
une serveuse = a waitress
Some jobs don’t change
Il est professeur : he is a teacher
Elle est professeur: she is a teacher
Don’t translate the article ‘a’ i.e.
My sister is a surgeon
Ma soeur est chirurgienne.
My uncle is a plumber
Mon oncle est plombier.

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Present tense in French

-er verbs
In French there are 3 categories of verbs,
the -er verbs, most of them
then the -ir verbs
and the -re verbs
The -er verbs are easier than the rest of them
chanter = to sing
aimer = to like
téléphoner = to phone
marcher = to walk
manger = to eat
regarder = to watch
sauter = to jump
danser = to dance
jouer = to play
écouter = to listen

Fill the gap exercise
1 Je _____ au foot à la récréation.(to play)
2 Les grenouilles ______ sauter sur les nénuphars. (to like)
3 Pour son quatre heures, ma soeur ________ deux yaourts à la cerise. (to eat)
4 A sept heures dix, nous ________ une chanson de France Gall (to listen)
5 A neuf heures et demi, mon père et mon oncle _________ le match de rugby à la télévision.(to watch)
A mon avis, _______ est très difficile. (to dance)